Blue Max

Publisher: Synapse
Machine: Atari 400

Published in Computer & Video Games #26

Blue Max

It's a case of Reach for the Skies in this Battle Of Britain game for the Atari.

You play the part of Max Chatsworth, known to friends and enemies alike as the Blue Max. Your mission is to rid the skies of danger, and generally to make the world a safer place to live in.

Once the game has loaded, pressing the start key will clear the screen to show your plane and the runway. Your aircraft is quite small, made up from just one character.

Blue Max

The plane will taxi automatically and you must take off before you reach the end of the runway. You cannot leave the ground unless your speed is over 100mph.

Once airborne, you must destroy the enemy cities below. You have thirty bombs and an unlimited supply of bullets. Bullets are fired by pressing the button the joystick, and if you pull back on the trigger at the same time then you will drop a bomb.

If you pass over a friendly runway then you can land on it. In fact, you will have to land to have your tanks refuelled and your bomb store replenished.

Blue Max

Landing is not too difficult, as long as you can remember to come down slowly.

There are a number of options which you can select to make the game easier to control. For example, you can reverse the controls on the joystick so that pulling up will make you either climb or dive. You can also introduce gravity so that releasing the joystick will cause you to dive instead of just hovering.

If you like the idea of a game based on the Battle of Britain then you'll enjoy playing Blue Max. If the whole idea isn't your cup of tea then you'll easily find another program to spend £29.95 on. Blue Max runs in 32K on an Atari 400 or 800.