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Blood Brothers
By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #81

Blood Brothers

Tut, tut, tut. In these super-health conscious days, Gremlin Graphics certainly hasn't been reading its inter-galactic government health warnings, Blood Brothers! Gasp!

It's not that many weeks ago that one of the television companies was slammed for showing an old film which included two chums becoming blood brothers. Shameful! Bad example! Irresponsible! cried the critics.

So it comes as some surprise to find our heroes "draw blood from their wrists and press them together, mixing the blood, and combining their companionship".

Now even with added health dangers, it's not a great idea to go around cutting your wrists. It's liable to hurt and be very, very messy.

And just why two brothers - who after all are blood brothers to begin with - should want to indulge in this dangerous and totally ridiculous ritual, is never explained.

Here endeth the health warning. Back to the game.

This is a space tale of slaughter and revenge, the ingredients of a thousand Westerns. Brothers Hark and Kren - aren't they two of the bods from A-Ha? - have been zooming around testing out their new Skywalk jet bikes. They return home to their village on the planet Sylonia and find the place in ruins, the homes destroyed and their families slaughtered.

The thugs responsible for this heinous crime are a band of crazed space convicts known as the Scorpions, who roam the galaxy preying on the innocent, plundering, looting and stashing the swag in an underground city of tunnels and mines on Sylonia.

Understandably Hark and Kren are a little miffed at finding their home and loved ones are no more. So addled by this tragedy are their brains that they indulge in the blood brothers ritual and swear revenge on the Scorpions.

Now Hark and Kren are, apart for a prediliction for self-mutilation, completely non-violent. However, in their attempts to pass exams the brothers have built a range of sophisticated weapons. These fearsome hardware built as part of their A-level A-level Holocaust and Aniihilation, are strapped to their sky bikes and the brothers set off for revenge.

The game opens with the bros at the mine entrance. Two people can plasy, one using the joystick, the other keyboard. You can choose to drop into the mine, start exploring, collecting gems, extra fuel etc and blasting the aliens. On the jet bike - much more fun, I found - you fly towards a mine entrance, avoiding blocks, blasting away others. It's a sort of maze and dodge 'em.

But basically, the game is much-of-a-muchness, playable but not addictive, entertaining but not memorable.

Paul Boughton

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