Blinky's Scary School

Author: Nick Roberts
Publisher: Zeppelin Games
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #79

Blinky's Scary School

Woooo! I bet that scared you? Yeh, another cute cartoon adventure. I’m a real sucker for these, you know. Blinky's Scary School is fab. You play the part of Blinky, a little ghost with big boots on and star pupil of the Scary School! Your job is to rid the castle of all the ghost proof defences set up by that rascal of a ghostbuster, Red Laird McTavish. To do this, various objects must be collected and dropped into the cauldron to cast the magic spells.

The screens are packed full of colourful, well drawn and animated graphics that you just can’t help but love.. Every new one you discover is a bonus, with spiders, clockwork mice and snails that look like they wouldn’t hurt a fly... but they do! As well as the amazing amount of colour there’s also some pretty good sound effects and a jolly ditty on the title screen.

The only thing wrong with Blinky is the way he moves about. Whenever he reaches the end of aplatform he does a little jump off the edge. If you’re not careful you can lose control of him altogether and fall into a spiky pit or something equally as nasty. Zeppelin have taken great care in making sure Blinky's Scary School is a real joy to play. I just can’t pull myself away from the game, it’s that addictive.

Nick Roberts

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