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The One

Black Tiger
By U. S. Gold
Amiga 500

Published in The One #16

Resident pussy cat Brian Nesbitt gets his teeth around US Gold's latest Capcom conversion and finds it's earned its stripes.

Black Tiger

You are about to enter a place where many have ventured, but none have returned.

You are here to defeat the Guardians of Darkness - three dragons, each half a screen in size, lurking at the end of the third, sixth and eighth levels. You are the land's only hope of freedom from eternal torment. You are Black Tiger - mean, lean and an all-round fightin' machine.

Although it's not exactly the best-known of Capcom's coin-ops, Black Tiger is very much in the Ghosts 'n Goblins mould - and very playable with it. And the good news is that this conversion feels surprisingly close to the coin-op - nothing mentally taxing, just good blasting, avoiding, collecting and exploring fun.

There are no major criticisms really: the graphics are well drawn and smoothly animated, and the sound is good and appears in all the right places. It's not easy, but then saving lands from torment never is...

Brian Nesbitt