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Birdie Barrage
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Home Computing Weekly #128

Birdie Barrage is the answer to a golfing widow's dream and may well force owners of gold courses into market gardening. Anyone who prefers sitting to walking but still enjoys a game of golf, will find this program a boon.

The game features an 18-hole golf course with bunkers, streams, lakes, trees and rarely a straight fairway. The current hole is displayed on the screen and at the tee, an arrow and number shows the direction and strength of the wind which has to be taken into consideration when setting direction and strength of shot.

The number of strokes taken is not displayed until the score card is shown at the end of each hole.

Once on the green, the screen changes to show an enlarged view of the area round the hole but to make life difficult, the type of green can vary from fast to slow. This has to be allowed for when setting the strength of shot. The effect of the wind upon the flight of the ball is very realistic but unlike a real game of golf where an accurate ball can drop into the hold even if the stroke is too strong, in this game the strength of shot has only a small margin of error and if hit too hard, the ball will pass straight over the hole.

The game is addictive and very enjoyable and its response to the choice of the club, strength of shot and direction; was consistent and realistic. "Faldo, watch out!"


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