Home Computing Weekly

Best Four Series
By A.S.K.

Published in Home Computing Weekly #113

To begin with, I should point out my little quirks and foibles. Firstly, I don't believe there is much good educational software around and secondly I think computers are being sold on the idea that they have an educational purpose, i.e. they are being sold wrongly.

Having made that clear I should explain that there are two packages in the series and that although they cover different subject areas the comments apply to both titles. The first is Best Four Maths and contains Table Adventure, Number Painter, Number Puzzler and Squeeze. The other is Best Four language which contains Words Words Words, Hide and Seek, Facemaker and Podd.

Both packs are excellent.

They contain nothing new, in terms of the programs, all have been released from some time now but their appeal has not paled over the years.

Each program is very well written and fully error trapped with helpful little symbols that show which key should be pressed next. There is excellent use of colour and sound and the documentation is very good indeed. This is the only new part of the package. The instructions have been re-written and a number of new activity suggestions appended. There are even flash cards etc included in each pack.

These are some of the best educational programs yet developed for home micros and in this form they represent wonderful value for money. A must for computer minded parents of children aged 5 to 12.


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