Bengo (Mr. Micro) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Mr. Micro
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Computer & Video Games #27


Driven wild by the smell of human blood, Bengo is set upon by some murderous Yeti monsters. Can you save a harrassed eskimo from a very sticky end?

Set in the frozen wastelands of an arctic icefield, Bengo is trying to get the best of the Sno-Yetis. He has found that the best way of dealing with these hairy nasties is to hurl blocks of ice in their direction and squash them. The screen is covered in blocks of ice and is very similar to the arcade game Pengo, on which Bengo is based.

Our quaking eskimo starts off in the middle of the screen surrounded by Yetis and, in a set time limit, must finish them all off before they get him.

It's possible to manoeuvre blocks of ice around a Yeti and trap him. This makes it much easier to squash him, however you've got to be quick as the Yetis can melt the ice and escape!

There are nine difficulty levels and on the ninth life is fraught with danger as the pace becomes very hectic with Yetis and ice blocks whizzing round the screen.

I did find Bengo somewhat repetitive as the game didn't change in the various levels other than the addition of extra Yetis moving around at a greater speed. However, graphically and with its fast action, it is one of the better games for the unexpanded Vic-20 and is available from Manchester-based Mr. Micro at £6.90.