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By Robico
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.06


In this game, you control a little bee known as "Hank". He is no ordinary bee however, for a start, he's blue. Even more peculiar, when he becomes angry or tired, he explodes! This makes things rather difficult because you have to guide Hank through various tortuous twisty passages full of nasty things like toadstools, spiders, insecticide cans and large green horrible lizards. Touch any of these and the energy reading at the top of the screen shoots down to zero and it's the end for Hank.

Points are amassed by collecting various objects such as pollen grain, flowers, apples, honey pots and bowls of water. When all the "nice" things in a screen is collected, an opening appears on one side of the screen and you can guide Hank onto another twisty tortuous passage to collect more things whilst keeping Hank happy and alive.

The graphics are nicely done in this game although not outstanding. The characters are large and colourful and move around the screen smoothly. However, a lot more effort could have been put into the sound effects and the general presentation of the game - for instance, how about a nice loading picture and a hall of fame? Nevertheless, the nice graphics coupled with a variety of screens makes Beeline an enjoyable game sold at a reasonable price.

Shingo Sugiura

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