Home Computing Weekly

Beatle Quest

Author: B.J.
Publisher: Number 9
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

The range of adventure games available nowadays is enormous. The scenarios range from outer space to pre-historic times. Some have hi-resolution graphics, music and animation, others incorporate arcade shoot-ups as part of the problem. So to make its mark, a new adventure has to be something special. Beatle Quest is good but not special.

It is an all text adventure, written using The Quill and its claim to distinction is its theme - The Fab Four - John, Paul, George and Ringo. To solve the problems, it helps to delve back into the words of the songs they wrote which have become part of our pop-music heritage.

It takes 12 minutes to load.

Then you are in a nostalgic search for "various objects of interest to return them to the start location". It's not easy to get going and you soon discover that the "feeling you're being followed" is a warning that a certain Maxwell Edison is after you, silver hammer in hand. Very soon you'll suffer the fate of his school-teacher.

Publishers, Number 9 Software, offer two other titles in the same vein to form a trilogy - A Day in the Life, Part 2 and Across the Universe. But I can't say that my appetite is sufficiently wetted that ('11 be looking out for them.


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