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Beaky And The Egg Snatchers
By Fantasy
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer Games #10

Beaky And The Egg Snatchers

Beaky is an Andromedan Armed Condor engaged in a desperate struggle to preserve his species on the planet Crackit. There are twelve different screens to get through, involving collecting the eggs, incubating them and, finalty, rearing the chicks.

The first stage has you recovering stolen eggs front the nasty Egg Snatchers. You must shoot them in flight and catch the falling egg.

When the egg is in your grasp you must swoop down to your nest and drop it in. To make life that bit harder you have a diminishing supply of magic that must last until you complete the third screen.

As with all chicks there must be a time for incubation. Beaky has the task of shooting (yes, shooting!) snowflakes before they drop into his nest and lower the temperature.

The rare spotted Froogle will try to drop the temperature of the nest by spitting nitrogen bombs into it. This creature hops around in between cat naps; your only hope of destroying him being to shoot the coloured spinning spheres which move around the screen.

The third stage has you trying to feed your helpless chicks with the green worms that wriggle around the screen.

Rearing its ugly head is yet another Egg Snatcher who will deplete your food supply by dropping missiles into the nest. If the food supply falls to zero then a chick is lost the other chicks get hungry and eat it!

If you manage to sustain a good food supply, the chicks mature and you start over, with the second generation (there being four to do overall).

The presentation on Beaky is superb. There are user-definable keys and all major joystick interfaces are supported.

Beaky will arouse the maternal instinct and has the right blend of action and strategy to have you constantly coming back for just one more try.


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