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Computer Gamer

Beach Head II
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #21

Beach Head II

This is the sequel to the fantastically successful Beach Head that launched US Gold on its road to fame and riches and more riches, and more riches. The theme of the first game was to attack "The Dragon", a ruthless dictator. The sequel pits you against him and the remaining remnants of this army that escaped from the first battle. On the other hand you can play the dictator and fight against the allies - a nice twist.

In the game, the evil dictator has captives in his fortress taken during earlier battles. It is your job to go through a five section game, fighting to get through each zone. First to get to the prisoners, then to release them and make your escape, culminating in the final showdown with the dictator. Of course, if you are playing the part of the dictator, then your objectives are basically the opposite of these. The game can also be played with two players where one plays the allies and the other plays the dictator.

On the whole the game was disappointing. The games themselves don't really stand up on their own and are much, much worse than budget games, even well below the standard of magazine listings. And considering the price of the game they should be of at least Mastertronic or Firebird standard each.

As it is, they are simple, boring, graphically inadequate, and suffer from being coverted from a disk-based C64 to a single load CPC cassette format. Not very good at all.