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The BBC Music Processor
By Quicksilva
BBC Model A & B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #12

The BBC has a very sophisticated sound generating capability which tends to be overlooked, partly because programming music from Basic is a lengthy and complex procedure. This program takes out the tedium and lets you concentrate on creating music. Supplied with a well written, twelve page booklet, it took me about two hours to master the operating proceedures.

All four sound channels can be used, the three envelopes adjusted, and speed, volume and many other controls are supplied, including a "recording" facility (with "dubbing", "erase" and "edit" on each "track"). Music can be saved on tape as a separate file.

The sound quality of the BBC speaker is poor, but with a modified system the results can be impressive - as the three supplied "flies" demonstrate.

This is a beautifully versatile program which, as an ex-musician (failed!), I found impressive and valuable. The screen displays the various parameters and settings clearly, the program is well error trapped, user friendly and provides good user prompts.

If there had been a facility to output to screen or, more importantly, to printer, a manuscript display of completed compositions, the program would have been perfect. (If Quicksilva can produce an additional program to work in conjunction with the 'file' program to do this - reserve me a copy!)