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BBC Mastermind/BBC Mastermind Quizmaster
By Mirrorsoft

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

BBC Mastermind is the computer version of what must be the most popular quiz program on television. This Spectrum package consists of an explanatory booklet and two tapes.

One of the tapes holds the data for questions and answers on TV and films, and also general knowledge. The other tape is required to display the questions and sum up the results of the answers.

Up to four people can participate, as in the TV program, but separate data has to be loaded in for each person.

First the data for the chosen specialist subject, and then the general knowledge questions and answers. As you will appreciate, this loading takes up a fair amount of time. Should the tastes not run to TV or films, then someone will have to set the questions, and supply the answers for the chosen subjects.

For this they will need the BBC Mastermind Quizmaster tape, although, as you can see from the head of this review, each pack is sold separately. I have no doubt that someone, somewhere, will find these two programs of use.