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Computer Gamer

Bazooka Bill
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #20

Bazooka Bill

Although Green Beret was a big seller, the graphics were a bit confused. Not so with this Green Beret clone. Bazooka Bill is crystal clear in a superb chunky style and has a difficulty level way above the original game.

Perhaps I'm putting it a bit strong when I say "clone" because Bazooka Bill does have unique features which sets it apart from Green Beret, but the influence is obvious.

Bazooka Bill has to fight his way through battalions of enemy soldiers in a variety of landscapes from urban desolation through fields and seafronts to reach his goal.

Unlike the Green Beret, Bill has all his weapons at his command from the beginning and you can select from the range at will. Hand fighting, knife throwing, machine gunning, flame-throwing and (of course) bazooka-ing his way along, Rambo Bill has to run the gauntlet of enemy troops while under the hail of bombs being dropped by helicopter gunships.

The graphics are large, colourful and well animated as Bill passes in front of, and behind, the landscape features. There is a true cartoon quality about the way Bill moves especially when his enormous fist punches out at an onrushing soldier.

I've been a bit disappointed with Melbourne House's output of late but this could be an indication of a re-awakening of their golden era. With a lot of potential blockbusters in the pipeline, this could mark the start of something big.