Amstrad Action

By Elite
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #36


We've had snooker, we've had skiing, we've had chess. Now here's another old game converted into a computer game. This time it's that paper and pen classic beloved of the back row of many a French class (and geography, maths, physics...). Battleships returns...! You're the captain of a naval fleet and your mission is to destroy your opponent's fleet. Cold war politics still rule, OK?

There are one, two and multi-player options. The multi-player option lets you battle it out with friends and is also the only way to get on the scoreboard.

In the first part of the game, you simply set up the map and position your boats where your opponent can't destroy them. Then you have the grid open with a moveable cursor to fire the shots. Press fire to launch a missile, and it marks a cross on the map to show where the missile has landed. Then watch the computer launch its shots on your fleet, and wait to see whether you have hit any of your opponent's ships or if he/she has hit any of yours. You go through the process again until either your fleet or your opponent's has been destroyed.

Battle Ships

Graphics are OK, especially the fire on a ship that has been hit, and the SOS lifebelt when the ship has sunk. The clouds look like flying bushes but apart from that - and the sound, which isn't healthy - everything is OK. All in all, a good value budget game.

Second Opinion

A colourful, noisy blastergame that certainly isn't dead in the water. Trying to down that last enemy boat is intensely frustrating - but you feel really rewarded if you get it!

First Day Target Score

Beat the computer opponent.

Green Screen View

Battle Ships

No problem.


Graphics 52%
P. Well animated ships and fire.
N. The clouds are poorly done.

Sonics 40%
P. Explosions are terrible: a high pitched sound is all you get.
N. No tune during the game - only a short one while the game loads.

Battle Ships

Grab Factor 47%
P. It'll keep you amused for a few hours...
N. But you'll get bored after a few wins.

Staying Power 51%
P. Good fun destroying ships.
N. Frustrating when you can't finish off your opponent's last boat!

Overall 63%
A good game overall but a pity it doesn't have better sound.


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