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Home Computing Weekly

Battle Planet
By Interactive Software People
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #69

The inlay shows a never-ending trench seen from the cockpit of a spaceship. Entering the trench are alien craft, and the scene looks set for a space-age shootout.

From the instructions I discovered that the trench was on the Battle Planet, and your mission is to launch one of three plasma bolts at the planet's vulnerable spot. This reminded me of a well-known film.

You must shorten the distance between yourself and the target, while fighting off robot fighters. If you fail to hit the fighter, only the shield can stop you being bombarded with an energy bolt. After three of these you're dead. Using the shield drains energy and finally ends the game.

Expected a flight simulation in space I started the game, but instead of looking out from the cockpit my ship was a little white smudge at the bottom of the screen. The alien vehicles were equally boring, and shooting the tiny craft is almost impossible.

Perhaps BBC owners are spoilt but I now expect more colour, excitement and better graphic definition from arcade games.