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Battle Of The Planets
By Mikro-Gen
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #13

Battle Of The Planets

A really obscure licensing deal this. Most licences are used to boost an otherwise poor product, but with Battle Of The Planets the game stands up on its own. In fact, the existence of a licensed name for it really detracts from how good the game is - i.e. you expect it to be as bad as all the other licensed games.

In effect, Battle Of The Planets is a form of cut-down Elite or Starion. Impressive 3D graphics and sound with land-based sequences go to make the game extremely playable. The storyline revolves around trying to save the planets from being invaded by the alien hordes. If you can't knock them out in deep space combat, in great 3D animated graphics, then you drop onto the planet and try to do your worst there.

The deep space section has space stations to dock with (like Elite except whoever built these stations didn't spin them like a top when they'd finished!) and hyper gates to jump from planet to planet.

On the planet surface, you can link up with pods to re-arm and re-fuel.

An extremely good game, highly underpromoted, especially considering the current vogue for 3D games.

Star Rating

Red Giant