Home Computing Weekly

Battle For Midway

Author: D.M.
Publisher: PSS
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

Wargaming is a highly respected and long established traditional board game. Usually, a real wartime battle is re-fought, but of course, the outcome can be different. The problem is that you need someone to play with. PSS has the solution here which appears to stick to the traditions of the game, whilst adding. the sophistication and facilities of the home micro, and a very devious partner!

Once loaded, the map of the battle zone is shown in multicolour. On it are shown the American defenders in the shape of two task forces, plus the base on Midway with its airfield, and two search planes. A large cursor can be moved about the screen and when positioned over a unit, a report on status can be called up. Additionally, if there are planes they can be launched or landed. On the learning level, some helpful dotted lines show the route of the Japanese.

By moving your cursor and punching keys, you can get your planes to search. When the Japanese are eventually discovered, you can see them indicated. You must then launch your attack... if they don't wipe out your airfield first!

Battle For Midway

When an attack is launched, the screen displays the scene, and animated aircraft and ships do battle royal. You even join in using your gunsight and joystick! Afterwards you count the cost, and if you happen to have left your planes in the air too long, then it's curtains for them... and probably for you!

Super graphics and sound.

Great fun.


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