Ballooning (Heinemann) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Heinemann
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

At last, an education program which isn't drills 'n skills and specifies exactly what it aims to do, namely teach the scientific principles involved in flying a hot air balloon and encourage observation, experimentation and research around the subject.

Attractively packaged, a large fully-illustrated colour manual with 17 pages sets out how to use the accompanying tape, and gives advice to adults about helping the student, a history of ballooning, present day uses of balloons, the scientific principles, route planning exercises, make-it-yourself plans, and lots and lots of ideas for family activities.

If this sounds good, wait till you use the tape. It contains a ballooning flight simulator easily up to the standard of the Psion aircraft job, with three distinct phases. First training, then testing and finally a mission complete with instructions.

The graphics are really superb and the game tricky and addictive. The sneaky bit is that you need to know the scientific principles to be expert on the simulator, and so back to the book. This may be rather expensive, but you'd pay this much for the program alone from Psion.

What you do get is well-written, soundly based and expertly produced. And if you're prepared to work with your 8-12 year old, hours of enjoyment.


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