Ballistix (Sizzlers) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By Sizzlers
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #77


Much like the old 'Crossfire' board game, Ballistix involves two opposing players shooting ball bearings at a puck. The aim, of course, is to try and force it into your opponent's goal.

Balls are aimed via a little arrow which you move over the vertically scrolling pitch. To complicate matters, various icons appear to collect for special features that affect the behaviour of the puck or even jam your opponent's gun.

As well as the two-player game there's a solo obstactle course where you combat gravity to guide the puck through tubes and holes etc on C64 tricky levels.

Ballistix first shot onto the scene in Issue 58 and, despite the 'Sizzlers' label name, earned 72%. Phil found the one-player mode "a bit dull with similar bas-relief graphics and just gravity as an opponent" but enjoyed the two-player game, but enjoyed the two-player game, as did Stu: "It's good fun, causing lots of blisters on your firing finger to prove it".

Looking back, I can't help feeling the game was slightly overrated, but its incredibly simple concept makes for an attractive budget game.