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By Domark
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #108


In the nuclear blasted wastelands of the future, only one form of competition exists - the Badlands hot-rod racing championships! Here, the meanest and moodiest drivers take their custom-designed motors along to eight of the worst-hit zones and test them to the limits of hardship and endurance.

Three players race along the eight circuits, and their aim is simple. Winning is the aim of the game, because prizes mean money and money means upgrading your vehicle. The currency of the future is wrenches, and at the Badlands Garage wrenches can buy you speed, extra acceleration, shields and, best of all, weaponry!

At the Badlands courses, not only are the courses out to get you (beware of crushing electrifying fields and gun emplacements!) but the competitors can tool themselves up with vehicle-mounted death-dealers including guided missiles and machine guns!


Across testing tracks like the Prison Yard, the Freeway Overpass and the Desert you're going to need all the low-down dirty tricks you can muster, so take your armoured speed machine to the Badlands stadia and satisfy that need for speed!


Well, I just don't know what to say! One month we're bemoaning the lack of quality Super Sprint-type games, and what happens? After the brill Off-Road Racer, another quality racer comes our way!

Badlands is basically Super Sprint with rockets and machine guns - and what a corker it is! The speed of the action is this game's greatest asset - customise your car with extra turbos and watch it fly!


The graphics are exactly the same as the arcade machine, with fluid animation, great sprites and colourful backdrops. The sound is totally funkadelic, with pulse-racing tunes, awesome sampled drum rolls and smashing guitars!

Badlands is fun all the way and with two players participating, it's a feast of explosive thrills and high speed motorway malarkey. Recommended without any hesitation.

Atari ST

The inferior sonics are the only difference between the ST version and its Amiga cousin. All the playability is still here to be savoured - so buy it!

Richard Leadbetter

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