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Back To The Future
By Electric Dreams
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #12

Back To The Future

Oh dear! What have Electric Dreams done this time?! In an attempt to cash in on the current Spielberg blockbuster movie, Electric Dreams have knocked out a game based on it. Unfortunately, it looks like it only took six weeks to write.

The game is based over a small number of screens. In these screens are various objects. Wandering around these screes are the characters from the film.

Arranged around the screen are various icons and indicators that tell you the state of various objects as well as the two photographs of the future that indicate your success or failure in restoring the future to the way that it was originally intended.

In the game you must do most of the things that occur in the film, including making a skateboard out of bits that you can find littered about the screens. It's getting these objects and their effects on people that make up the bulk of the game.

The game might have been alright if there were a few more problems to solve in more rooms, and the graphics were a bit better; as they currently stand, the graphics are extremely crude and do nothing for the game.

The one (almost) saving grace is the music which sounds like it was taken from the film score, but even this begins to get on your nerves a bit after a very short while.

Sorry Electric Dreams, better luck next time!