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BMX On The Moon
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.02

You control a moon cycle which you must use to patrol the surface of the moon. There are many rocks on the ground. You must accelerate and try to jump over. To make them easier to jump over, you can blast them with your moon-fun. If you fire into the ground, a crater will be created. Sounds familiar? Well, BMX On The Moon is a version of the arcade game Moon Patrol where the moon buggy has been replaced by a BMX bike!

For those of you too young to remember this game, here's the plot. You control your vehicle over a barren landscape which scrolls past you in Scramble fashion and take pot shots at the various rocks which come towards you. From time to time, an alien will fly overhead and bomb you or the ground to make things more difficult. In this particular version, you do exactly the same except you control a BMX bike.

The graphics are well executed. The scrolling is smooth and the characters have been well-defined. I especially like the way in which your bike hugs the ground. The presentation is well up to the usual Superior Software standard with all the extra features such as sound on/off, freeze, quit and hall of fame. Admittedly, although the game is incredibly unoriginal, it is good fun to play.

Shingo Sugiura

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