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ZX Computing

BC's Quest For Tires
By Software Projects
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #23

BC's Quest For Tires

Direct from comic stri to screen comes Thor of BC. Frantically pedalling his unicycle he faces a formidable task; first, he must jump rocks and holes, then duck and jump until he reaches the river.

To cross the river, he has to leap on the backs of turtles and then hitch a lift on the Dooky Bird. Once he has achieved this, he is beset by falling volcanic debris, as well as obstacles on the ground, until he reaches the cave where Far Broad and stalactites wait to hinder his final objective of rescuing Cute Chick.

Actions are fairly simple: speed up, slow down, move forward or back, jump and duck. Keyboard use is well thought out, QWKM plus ENTER and the usual joystick options are included. Using a joystick does make life easier with this game.

Graphically this is well designed, the characters are carefully drawn, excellently animated and the backgrounds are attractive. Inevitably there is a little colour clash due to the limitations of the attribute file and the range of colours used, though personally I did not find this off-putting.

For what amounts to a fairly unsophisticated game, I found that I had spent an unusually long time 'testing' it and I have gone back to it a few times since. Every time I misjudge an action I kick myself and try again because I know I can do better - is this the definition of addiction?