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Azimuth Head Alignment Tape
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

All cassette players used with computers have an adjustment which should be accurately set. This is angle between the vertical gap in the recording head, and the path of the tape. If your head is out of alignment you may have loading problems, or tapes you make won't load on friend's machines. This package allows you to make the adjustment without expensive equipment.

A detailed manual shows the screw to be turned with the nicely made jewellers screwdriver included. A cardboard pointer is slipped over the shank, then the tape loaded. An index counts to 1000. Noting the starting position, the screwdriver is turned until the index fails to register, then just back far enough to allow accurate registration. The pointer angle is marked. The same operation is carried out in the opposite direction, and the screwdriver finally turned to the midpoint of the marked angle. And that's it! After careful study of the manual, it took me 5 minutes. A test game - Chopper Squad, recently reviewed - is included with a fast loader. Any problems ... try again, though I didn't have any.

Does it work?!... The side of Sorcery - the fastest loader I've seen - which wouldn't load, now does so with ease, and my old tapes recorded with the head out of alignment still function perfectly.

Great product, but don't get into a pickle using it, or your warranty, and your adjustment may be lost! Study the manual first.