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Published in Computer & Video Games #42


Automan is the third game out to claim the JSW II crown. It stars the hero of the TV series Automan, the Tron-style computer generated super-sleuth who uses a glowing cursor to create super-cars and super-copters.

In the Bug Byte game, Automan is out to destroy an evil Automan clone - created by an underworld crime organisation who have stolen a copy of the program used to generate our computerised hero.

Great scenario - shame about the execution of the game. The graphics jst aren't up to the standard expected on the C64 these days.

However once you've got used to seeing Spectrum-style graphics on the Commodore, actually playing the game isn't that bad - but not awe-inspiring either.

There are a series of platform screens inhabited by various nasties. My favourite was the mutant shirt and tie! Automan has to collect bits of evidence from each screen that will lead him to the Automan clone which is causing havoc in the city.

At the bottom of each screen, there is a readout telling you just where you are in the city and how much evidence you have collected - among other things.

A novel twist are the stages of the game which take the form of a 3D maze style car chase - complete with the super Autocar! - through the city streets as old Auto closes in on the villains.

Packaging and documentation are good - as you'd expect from Bug Byte - but the £9.50 price tag would make me think twice about this game.