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Home Computing Weekly

Autocalc 64
By Richard Shepherd
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #76

At last a software company has decided to produce a spreadsheet which the home computer user can afford. Autocalc contains most of the features of higher priced spreadsheets and is the same high standard - but costs a fraction of the price.

A spreadsheet program is a matrix of boxes. Each box may contain text, numeric data or a mathematical calculation. Using the spreadsheet you may assign formulae to certain boxes so that as data is filled in you can automatically take averages, totals, calculation results, etc. The beauty is the easy editing and amending facilities; you can change one box and all others which use that value are automatically updated.

Autocalc contains all the standard mathematical functions the CBM 64 offers plus average and totaling. Numeric output can be specified as integer, currency (to decimal places) or floating point. Both left and right justification of your boxes are available. You may also specify how calculations are to be carried out, by columns or rows.

My only complaint about the package is that it cannot be output to parallel printers using the user port. Only printers connected to the serial port may be used.