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Home Computing Weekly

Auto Graphics
By Buttercraft
Video Genie

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

Another program development aid from Buttercraft, this time an aid to designing graphics to be incorporated in your own programs.

Written in Basic, Auto Graphics allows graphics characters to be designed on the screen by individual pixels. As the design is built up, larger screen areas can be defined as single graphics "blocks". Once the design is to your liking, it is saved as a Basic program line.

As the Auto Graphics line numbers start at 9000, you have the option of including the generated strings either as lines at the start or as a subroutine at the end of your own program. Instructions are also given on saving the graphics lines on tape and then merging with another program.

But remember that the program uses A$ to store its generated strings - don't use the same variable in your program. An eight-page instruction book accompanies this tape, and I would strongly advise anyone buying the program to study the instructions carefully.