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Attack On Alpha Centauri
By Software Invasion
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

Is there no end to the number of variations possible on the arcade game Galaxians? This latest version from Software Invasion shows that the possibilities are by no means exhausted.

Throughout Attack On Alpha Centauri, the quality of the graphics is superb.

A very realistic moonscape is drawn from which a stream of very hostile-looking space wasps pour, and it is your task to shoot down as many as possible before your inevitable destruction.

The creatures attack by suddenly rushing forward and dropping bombs all round you. This is achieved by using perspective to create a pseudo-3D effect on the screen.

Each screen of creatures gets progressively more difficult, with more wasps attacking in a single formation.

Sound is also used with good effect, making the explosions very impressive. Even the title sequence has a stunning display.

The only criticism I have is that this game is basically centred on the Space Invaders/Galaxians theme, and possibly a little dated these days.

But I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking for a fast and challenging game. The graphics alone make it a worthwhile addition to anyone's games collection.


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