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Atom Smasher
By Romik
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #15

Another action-packed game from Romik. I doubt if it will oust their other best sellers, but it is an original game idea, well presented, effective graphics, and as usual squeezed into an unexpanded VIC.

The target this time is a proton which moves position round a static nucleus whilst dodging the orbitting electrons. Each hit adds another electron to avoid.

The penalty for slow shooting is molten debris which closes in from the sides as the neutron melts down. You can shoot away the debris, but rapid hits on protons is the only sure way to halt its advance.

Collision with one of the ever-increasing number of electrons loses one of your three lives, shooting one sends them all madly whizzing round at breakneck speed for a short while. Anyway, all this is explained in the easy-to-read instructions program which loads the game proper.

Control is by joystick or Romik's standard key layout - well positioned and easy to use. I did find the manipulation of the laser a bit strange to start with, though. For example, pressing F1 (the up key) first turns the laser to face up then begins to move it up. So turning, moving a short distance, and turning again to fire is quite a complex operation.

Romik has set a high standard in the past, and while Atom Smasher is not in the brilliant category (and not for pure atomic scientists) it is still a pretty good game.


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