A. M. C.

Publisher: Dinamic
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #64

Astro Marine Corps

The Astro Marine Corp demands more of its members than the ability to endure an excruciatingly embarrassing hairstyle. No, you've also got to survive solo suicide missions such as saving the planet Dendar from the alien Deathbringers.

As with most Dinamic releases, the program consists of two games, with the latter accessible only by a codework given when you complete the first. Your objective in the first game is to fight your way to Deathbringer's ship through eight horizontally-scrolling zones packed with monsters such as massive walkers and carnivorous plants.

Capsules can be picked up to give extra lives, flamethrower and temporary invulnerability.

Astro Marine Corps

The second game has you arriving on the Deathbringer's home planet to battle through eight more levels.


Life in the military can be short, dull and over with abrupt brutality. So AMC may well pass as an accurate military sim. Yomping ever onwards against a relentless enemy attack, typically involving just one new alien endlessly repeated on a level soon gets tedious.

Mixing up the aliens more, with greater attention to gameplay could've produced a lot better result. Certainly the graphics are imaginative, with some impressively large baddies, although a bit Spectrum-esque.


Astro Marine Corps

Dinamic don't seem to have advanced after Game Over; this is a very repetitive and dull game. Walking right and blasting everything in your path soon becomes boring, especially as it's so difficult.

There's nothing new here, and even the Maniacs Of Noise have somehow produced a poor tune! The best thing about it are the graphics which, although Spectrum-like, work well.


Presentation 67%
Password for second game, redefine keys option.

Astro Marine Corps

Graphics 68%
Spectrumesque but imaginative.

Sound 44%
Dull spot FX or irritating tune.

Hookability 48%
Difficult with plenty of nasty traps.

Lastability 38%
Action is repetitive.

Overall 39%
Could turn even Robin Hogg into a pacifist.