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Home Computing Weekly

Astro Chase
By Statesoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

This game is similar to Asteroids, but with greater depth. The screen shows the earth surrounded by a large number of planets and stars. As you move your spaceship about, the screen scrolls to show more of the universe.

The idea is to protect the earth from megamines which home in from outer space. If one hits earth... oblivion. As you about shooting the megamines, you are attacked by spaceships. There are eight types, each with different abilities. As you progress your energy level drops. This can be replenished by rendezvousing with Energy Generators. There are also shield depots which will replenish your protective field.

The game has a high degree of complexity and there are a variety of tactics open to you. The graphics are excellent and very colourful. Sound was quite good but the optional use of a mutilated version of the 1812 overture was irritating.

A comprehensive instruction booklet is supplied, but it would have been useful if pictures of the various spaceships, etc, had been given to aid identification. Overall, a pretty good game.


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