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Assault On Port Stanley
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #51

Assault On Port Stanley

"Relive the triumph of our brave forces who went to the Falkland Islands to fight for the freedom of a small group of British subjects," says the cassette inlay.

But basically this is a battle game in search of a title. It could be anything. Assault on the Isle of Wight, for instance.

However, for some reason, Amsoft has decided to cash in on the still fairly recent troubles in the South Atlantic. It must be annoying to many people who fought and suffered through the conflict to have to put up with this sort of exploitation.

The game opens with you in command of a warship approaching enemy ships blockading the islands. While shelling the ships, enemy planes will also attack you. There is also the option of taking off in a helicopter from the ship to battle with the aircraft.

Ultimately the mission is to reach the islands and pick up troops who have been running sabotage missions.

Hardly an original idea, we think you'll agree.