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By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #59



About 1500 years ago, according to those dubious historians at Gremlin, the British Isles were called Albion and its people divided amongst themselves. Setting out to unite the people and make a single nation was a Welsh hero called Kinnock- no, sorry, King Arthur, no, darnit, actually it's Artura. Now rather than commission some seriously flash TV ads, Artura aims to do this by recovering some stolen treasure.

Ignoring Gallup and MORI, Artura starts his quest by seeking advice from his old friend Merdyn the Mage. Unfortunately Merdyn's vanished and Margaret, I mean Morgause, has kidnapped Merdyn's apprentice. To rescue him and recover the treasure Artura sets out for Morgause's Dun (?). Before he can arrive, however, Morgause contacts Ye Olde Flea Street and hordes of vile creatures rush to defend her. Armed only with a sword Artura must defeat these insects, birds and ugly looking guards while preserving his energy.

If you think politics is boring be warned, this game makes it all seem very thrilling. Graphics are small and dull. Sound has gone on holiday with playability sharing the same hotel room. Another simplistic 'collect-and-kill-all' game.

MARK ... 36%

THE ESSENTIALS Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair Graphics: detailed but mostly yellow monochrome Sound: buzzy title tune but virtually no effects during play

Phil ... 42%

'At first sight, Artura looks promising with some well-animated characters. Unfortunately actual gameplay is repetitive, with little variety in rooms or action. Fighting off soldier after soldier soon becomes irritating while energy falls at an alarming rate. Even more perturbing is the way the hero can get stuck in certain parts of the landscape, with escape an impossibility. This annoyance epitomises the general lack of any playability - even mapping fans should leave this well alone.'

Phil KingMark Caswell

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