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Home Computing Weekly

By Cases Computer Simulations
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #112

Instead of zapping in a fantasy world, the scenario of a famous battle is created, and you are given the same forces as were used in the real thing. The battlefield is represented as a map on your screen, whilst the armed units are shown as symbols. Your task is to move and deploy your forces to attack the enemy, who tries to outwit and outgun you. Because of the complexity and sophistication of the game, it can last for many hours, so a save option is a must. Similarly, instead of playing against the computer, you may also care to play with a friend as the enemy.

Arnhem has three facilities, together with choice of viewing colours to aid b/w users. The build up to Arnhem and the battle itself are depicted in five separate parts which are shown on-screen, and all the various troops and machinery are shown as symbols. You may choose to bombard or travel following detailed reports, but you must follow the rather complex rules given in the detailed manual.

It's a slow game, as are all wargames, and the manual doesn't seem to cover all the symbols shown, or explain all the on-screen happenings, though perhaps I rushed it. The graphic symbols are not always easy to distinguish, and the choice of colours unwise in places. In summary, not for arcade freaks, or even first-time wargamers in view of the confusions, but for addicts another useful addition.


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