Army Moves
By Dinamic

Published in Micros Gazette 000

Army Moves

I like this game, not because it requires fast reflexes which it does, or that you need some luck and skill, but rather because you get to kill umpteen hundreds of planes, trucks and men.

Endemic to this game is the need to get a little anger out of the game tends to be a little frustrating at times.

Good graphically, with nice, well-defined sprites and the ubiquitous computer ditty that repeats in the background, this game has lots of action and generally appeals to my more violent nature. Because of its frustrating habit of killing you just as you think the next stage is about to start, I spent many hours bashing my head against the nearest solid object.

Army Moves

Strategically, you are doomed with an endless supply of enemy helicopters and trucks against your measly vehicle that fires ground-hugging and surface-to-air missiles. If that wasn't enough, in the next stages you must fly a helicopter over varying terrains while dodging surface-launched missiles, enemy fighters and men with machine guns in towers. Also, the chopper has to be refueled at some time and if you fly too far you can't come back.

Every time the chopper is fueled, a section of code is revealed and when all codes have been collected, the next part of the game begins. Unfortunately, this requires the program to be reloaded but it's like having two games in one. In the next section you have to take to your feet in your mission to steal those plans. After traversing swamps infested with guerrillas and - would you believe it? - Giant Ferocious Toucans!! After making it through the barracks, the final objective is in sight - The Bunker.

That's the game description but how does it play, I hear you ask? Well, the sprites do flicker occasionally but that's because they're so big and there's so many of them. The game has colour but the objects do tend to be monochromatic. Generally it makes up for all these minor (and I stress minor) faults with frantic and ferocious gameplay that requires intense concentration to stay alive.

Nice game, Dynamic, with clear and concise instructions as well.

Tony Cruise

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