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Army Moves
By Imagine
Amiga 500

Published in Zzap #43

Army Moves

Your careers officer in school really had a hard time finding you a job. Just saying "I wanna be an 'ard man!" wasn't exactly helpful. Still, now you're in the Special Operations Corps (SOC), you've been sent on a well dangerous mission to steal information from the enemy.

You must fight your way over a bridge in your jeep, through air defences in your helicopter and finally, on foot into the headquarters themselves, proclaiming yourself a hero! OK, OK, and a "well 'ard geezer" if that's what you want...


Good grief! Come on Imagine, I thought the Amiga games market had passed through the "Never mind the game, look at the graphics!" phase. The level of gameplay in Army Moves is so minimal that it annoys me to think that people may have paid out big bucks just so that they can practise holding down the fire button and religiously going through two joystick movement patterns.

The slighest deviation from the stringent stick manoeuvring results in instant death, and a return trip to the start of the level! So if, after ten minutes' play, you haven't vengefully put the disk under the grill and watched it bubble its way into oblivion, you'll be slumped over your joystick dreaming of happier times.

I regret the loss to the world's natural resources caused by the production of this utterly awful "game".


I must admit I've never seen the arcade game, so I can't comment on whether this is an accurate conversion or not, but if it is faithful to the coin-op original, then I can safely say that it wouldn't get any of my 10ps pushed into it!

Army Moves just doesn't utilise any of the Amiga's power to create fantastic graphics and realistic sound. They'd be passable on the humble C64, but on the Amiga they're nothing short of pathetic.

The action is fiercely difficult and the only way to get through level one is by repeatedly shooting, jumping and backing off - not the most engrossing gameplay ever. If you like your Amiga, then don't make it suffer by loading this into it.


Presentation 28%
A high score table... and that's it.

Graphics 21%
Bland sprites and sparse backdrops utilise little of the Amiga's potential.

Sound 12%
Constant unmelodic title track and pathetic effects.

Hookability 33%
Frustratingly hard from the word go...

Lastability 29%
...and very boring.

Overall 24%
Almost non-existent gameplay makes this very poor value for money.