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Ark Pandora
By Rino Marketing
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #13

Ark Pandora

In this new arcade adventure released under Alligata's new Rino label, your mission is to find and pinch a sacred scroll from a deadly island.

This isn't going to be easy as there are bandits on the road and the important areas are patrolled by soldiers and guards. If that isn't enough, you are constantly tracked and chased by mercenaries. Finally, you will also have to get past the palace guard and do battle with a High Priest and a Warlock.

Luckily there are also some people on the island willing to help you such as the Hermit, fishermen, a condemned man and even a witch. They will be able to give weapons and equipment you will need but will expect something in return.

The locations of the island are displayed graphically in a strip at the top of the screen. Below it are icons that allow you to look into locations, to the north, south, east and west, pick up and drop objects, select an object you have to use (such as an axe or a sharp disk), a trash can to end the game or a tape/disk icon to save it.

The package is completed by a game editor that allows you to alter the game's graphics.

Ark Pandora includes some interesting ideas but the game mechanics and the curious mixture of arcade style zapping and adventure puzzle solving is definitely an acquired taste.

Some people will love this game; others will hate it. Make your mind up before you buy it.