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Home Computing Weekly

Arena 3000
By Microdeal
Oric 48K/Atmos

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

You are in an arena with various other combatants to overcome. You have a fast-firing weapon and can move across the screen in eight different directions, firing as you go. Some enemies follow you while others float by harmlessly, but do not be deceived. There is definitely a need for a tactical approach and you can manoeuvtre the enemy into a position where you can blast a dozen or more in one go. Having cleared one screen, you enter the next gladiator's arena.

Oric's high resolution screen is employed and colour and, in particular, sound effects are put to good use. I especially liked the smooth movement. Huge scores can be achieved although I thought the Hall of Fame was less than spectacular.

Only slow recorded programs are available, but these are not too long, since the game is written for both 16K and 48K machines.

Although quite simple, I think this is a well-constructed game, and Microdeal also offers an attractive back-up with the Cuthbert Club. The lucky owner automatically becomes a member of the club and will receive a badge.


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