Arcade Fruit Machine
By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #75

Arcade Fruit Machine

Oh no! All I seem to do these days is play either arcade quiz games or arcade fruit machines! I know so much about all the machines from playing these budget releases I might as well move into the local arcade. So exactly what has Arcade Fruit Machine got to offer that the other fruit machine sims left out? Nowt much. Despite having a slightly different screen display to a game I played recently (mentioning no names!), it's almost identical.

You get 50p to start off with and have to nudge and gamble your way to the jackpot of £1.50, woo! Some features on this fruit machine are unique. You can choose whether you want a reverse or forward start to spin the reels, and there are of course the usual 'special' features like cash pot and skill run. The general idea is to light up all the letters in the 'CASH 'n' GRAB' then select your special feature and win hoards of cash.

All the fruit and coins are quite well drawn in a cartoon style. The scrolling is also very smooth on the reels, but not so on the message at the beginning - yuk! The best graphics in the whole game are on the loading screen, they're really neat. Sound wise, well there is some sort of attempt at a tune on the start screen and the odd 'zoop' effect when something is won. Arcade Fruit Machine's reel let down (groan) is the lack of excitement: you can go for ages without winning a sausage.

While definitely not one of the best fruit machine simulations about, you can get some enjoyment out of it.

Nick Roberts

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