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Aqua Racer
By Bubble Bus
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #2

Aqua Racer

Aqua Racer is best described as a sort of watery Pole Position. You are sitting at the helm of a high speed power boat racing over twenty different circuits either against the clock or against your friends (up to four can play at once). Before you are allowed to take part in a race, you first have to qualify on that particular course.

Your course is marked by a series of buoys, some of which have large arrows pointing you in the right direction if there is a particularly steep bend approaching. If you leave the course at any stage of the race, you are automatically disqualified so you have the rather strange tactic of trying to deliberately crash into a buoy which only wastes your time. Just to make life harder for you, the way ahead is cluttered with other boats growing nicely larger as you close in on them. Curiously, the islands on the horizon never seem to get any bigger. Control of the boat is a nice simple left or right, accelerate or decelerate with the fire button being used to toggle between low and high gear.

This is a simple game which requires no great mental strain, only fast reactions. Above all, it is fun to play and anyone who enjoys racing games will not be disappointed.