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By Psygnosis
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #108


The anarchists are back, this time on your trusty Amiga - but they're still up to their old chaotic tricks. So, waste no more time. Get into your ship and start the carnage! You've still got to look out for key personnel imprisoned in cannisters on the planet's surface and make sure that the anarchists don't get to them, and don't forget to make full use of the extra weaponry available - as the saying goes "there's a lot of it about".

Psyclapse haven't disappointed us in bringing their corking Defender variant to the Amiga. The action's even faster and smoother than the ST game and the sound is even more heavy. Check it out as soon as you see it gracing the shelves of your local software shop.


A roaringly good defender game that's a bargain at twenty sovs.