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Home Computing Weekly

American Football
By Argus Press
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #85

When all the aliens have been zapped, all the treasure found, and all the munchmen full to the gills, take time out to play this game. American football is a popular sport on TV, and now you can play the game on your Spectrum.

For those who don't know what American football is all about, the tape comes with a bookley, but it is easy to pick up the essential points from the screen.

Strategy is what it is all about, play and counterplay, defence and offence. Having decided on your tactics, sit back and watch the action.

The teams will move into formation and yardage will be won, or lost, depending on whether you chose the right play. Did you know that a player could be sacked in mid game, or that a shotgun is allowed on the field?

The graphics are nothing spectacular, but the screen layout is pleasing to the eye. Makes a refreshing change from the usual games. Might be a bit too pricey for some, but worth getting.