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American 3D Pool
By Zeppelin Games
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #77

American 3D Pool

American Pool? What other type is there (apart from swimming!)? Anyway, in American 3D Pool you can play either billiards (the British version with two cue balls and a red) or '4-ball' pool. 4-ball?

Well, it's the same rules as 8-ball (pub style) but obviously there are less balls and each player only has to pot three red or yellow balls (depending which colour they pot first) before the black. Play a foul shot and your opponent gets two shots, but there's no freeball rule if he's snookered.

Aiming your shot is done by positioning a cross on an overhead view of the table. After you hold down fire to set the power, the view switches to a 3D one. Here you can select from four types of spin to put on the cue ball, before pressing fire to execute the shot. Any shot can be seen again via the action replay option - at normal speed or in slow motion.

Billiards and pool matches can be played against a friend or a computer player (nine skill levels). As usual, two-player games are the most fun but the better computer opponents are a challenge to beat. In addition, eight players (human or computer) can enter a knockout or league tournament - though this sadly lacks a save option.

The icing on the cake is the Trick Shot option which allows you to play nine set trick shots and create your own by placing balls anywhere on the table. Such a comprehensive range of options is incredible for a budget game and, along with great playability, makes for superb value for money. This is a must for all pool fans.