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Amazon Warrior
By New Generation
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #46

Amazon Warrior

Be careful not to lose your head in the Amazon jungle.

Your only defence against the dangers which lurk in the dense, steaming undergrowth is a blow pipe and fast pair of feet.

The game is played in three phases - the jungle, the caverns and the ruined temple.

Each phase is packed with nasties which relentlessly pursur you, ranging from tree snakes, scorpions, head hunters and vampire bats.

Points are awarded for each kill and bonus points are given if a particular challenge is overcome without losing a life.

Alternatively, you can decide to try and outrun the jungle dangers. But, sooner or later, you will have to stand and face the foe.

The Amazon Warrior is controlled just by the joystick. Pushing the stick forward allows the warrior to load a poison dart into the pipe if it is empty. Moving it left or right will raise the pipe through a variety of firing angles.

The graphics are nice and the screen scrolling is smooth. The perspective through the trees is also pleasing.

Amazon Warrior, although reminiscent of Forbidden Forest, is a challenging game which should keep you hooked...

Amazon Warrior was written by 35-year-old Geoff Sumner, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and winner of the Royal Philharmonic prize for composition.