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Home Computing Weekly

By Texas Instruments

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

This is a maze chasing game, but it's not quite that simple as there are a great number of options, functions, and different mazes available to the user.

The object you have to guide around the maze is a mouse, controlled by a keyboard or joystick. There is a two player option.

You can also collect cheese from the maze as you travel around it and you may only exit from the maze when all the cheese has been collected. On the two player option the hunt for cheese can be either competitive or cooperative.

There are two types of maze, simple and complex, and the maze can be visible or invisible. The maze can have mouse holes, where only the mouse can travel through and not be followed by a cat, and the mice can have two speeds.

Cats are available that chase the mice through the maze trying to eat them. You can have up to three cats, there are four speed options, two intelligence options, and the cats can pounce.

There are a number of options when the game is running, including a dump of the maze to the TI thermal printer.

The instructions are straightforward and informative, the graphics and sound are good, and the whole operation is user-friendly.


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