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Home Computing Weekly

By Texas Instruments

Published in Home Computing Weekly #30

A very interesting game with a concept that I haven't seen before. The game needs explaining in some detail as it is different to anything else on the market.

The idea is to climb up six of the world's biggest mountains while avoiding falling rocks, mountain lions, bears, skunks, rotten eggs, bats, trees, etc. The speech synthesiser option generates male and female voices which will warn you of impending doom and give encouraging remarks.

There is an option for two players and seven differing languages are available, although the speech synthesiser still speaks in English. Points are awarded for how high you get, plus various other bonus points.

The graphics are excellent, and produce a good picture of a cliff face with all the animals and other dangers well represented, and a very realistic climber that moevs properly as he climbs up the mountain.

The instruction book is up to TI's usual standard and runs to 18 pages, and is quite comprehensive.

Overall, this game would be good for someone who wants something that is a bit different to the normal run-of-the-mill zap-the-klingons game.

Mike Roberts

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