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Alpha Blaster
By Aackosoft

Published in Computer & Video Games #47

Alpha Blaster

Since I had loading problems with both these programs, trying them on two machines with three reliable recorders, I tried to remain cool and objective when a colleague's expensive recorder finally loaded them.

Since there might be the dreaded duplicating glitch that perhaps they didn't know about, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Finally loading a really good title screen after six minutes, I discovered this game was a little better than Skramble. Based loosely on Galaxian, with a flat monocolour background, the game is in three basic stages.

The first involves shooting down what appear to be spinning cotton reels while avoiding their bombs. If you move to one side, you will find that the aliens are not as smart as you might think.

The second wave of flying saucers is more difficult, with them diving at your spacecraft, so accuracy is the order of the day. Finally, you need to negotiate a meteor storm to reach the mothership which you should dock with.

The game and sound effects do not really utilise the MSX's capabilities. MSX users deserve a lot better than this.