Home Computing Weekly

Alien Oddessy Parts 1 And 2
By Bamby
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #22

Two adventure programs on one cassette. The object is to escape from a castle maze and, after many hazards, arrive at a harbour. On arrival you have to load the second program to continue your escape, via further hazards, and finally leave the alien planet in a ship.

Any objects, money, etc found in the first game may be input at the start of the second.

Unfortunately, throughout both games there is no way of avoiding random hazards which end the game suddenly. If this happens, you have to restart from the very beginning, instructions and all - a very frustrating experience.

Most of the game is text only with brief excursions into hi-res graphic maps and mazes. If finally successful, you are asked to load Part 3 of Alien Oddessy (their spelling). Parts 3 and 4 are said to be coming soon, free to purchasers of the first two parts.

There are quite a few good adventures now available for the Dragon, and I wouldn't pay more than £4.50 for this one.


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