Alien Highway
By Vortex
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #56

Alien Highway

We're back on the road again thanks to the Vortex crew. They've just released the sequel to their totally addictive Highway Encounter. The dustbin-like Vortrons are back - as are the dreaded Aliens - on a new highway twice as deadly as the original.

The aliens were defeated at the end of Highway Encounter - that's if you were good enough to actually finish the original game! Now the Vortons are out to exact their revenge on the Aliens' home planet.

But this time you only get one Vorton instead of four!

Alien Highway Encounter 2

His mission is to strike at the heart of the alien Empire which lies at the end of the Alien Highway.

The Vorton is pushing along a device deadly to the Aliens called a Terratron which, according to the blurb, will reveal its terrible power at the end of road.

Both the Vorton and the Terratron must be energised along the road by contacting seven hour glass-shaped regeneration stations. This is vital - you simply won't make it to the end if you don't.

Alien Highway Encounter 2

The Vorton's energy levels - displayed at the left hand side of the screen - are depleted by contact with the alien Zeds and nasty Kamikaze droids. And even the sides of the highway are deadly this time!

Game action is very similar to Highway Encounter, controlling your Vorton is just as tricky and there are lots of graphically interesting traps and barriers along the way.

Graphics are as good as the original, and gameplay just as addictive. After you've loaded the game you get a neat guide to all the aliens and obstacles you'll come across on your mission. Unfortunately you can't call this up again once you've hit the Enter key to get to the control option screen. Sometimes you really need to check out what's attacking you during the game - especially during your first efforts.

Although it's pretty similar to Highway Encounter, this game is still fun and challenging to play. But all your old winning techniques have to go out of the window, I'm afraid! Another winner from Vortex.